OA 90 Logo

The story of our new OA 90 Logo

Rachel C.

I like the text “OA90” touching the scale. It not only reads well graphically but it works metaphorically. Our program starts with the willingness to put the first OA 90 food plan meal of the day ON the scale. Each time we do our 1% we gain experience, strength and hope. I opted to have the scale numbers read 00:00 because we start each day at zero. We can’t “get clean on yesterday’s shower” – we can’t be abstinent today on yesterday’s weighed food. We start each day at zero. With prayer and willingness we put our willingness on the scale. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a small role in the development and creation this most valuable of 90 Day recovery resources, the website.   -Rachel C.

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